Author Karisa DeLay

Karisa DeLay is an American fiction and non-fiction author who has been intrigued with the the endless possibilities of the universe since childhood. Growing up, her reading interests were focused in various spiritual subjects, including religions, theories of creation, paranormal phenomenon, and extraterrestrial existence.

Her strong desire to find a connection to the world we live in by making a link between the science that tries to explain it all and the spirituality of the energy we all share has inspired her writing since 2011.

Karisa’s first fiction novel, The Crystal Gate, was released in 2012, and her second book Four Rivers in 2014. Her inspiration for the first two novels in the Crystal Gate series was fueled by her years of research, enabling her to create a thrilling treasure hunt wrapped in unlikely pairings between the supernatural and science to unravel the mysteries of our world.

Immersing deeper into research to further inspire future books in her series, Karisa decided to share her real-world findings in her first non-fiction book, Before the World Was Lost, the first volume of the Lost World series of books diving into the mysteries of the world.

Karisa is also a fluent artist, who owns her own salon and art gallery. She spends most her time off loving the life of motherhood with her four daughters alongside her husband in the valleys of the Midwest.