The first novel in Karisa DeLay’s Crystal Gate series is that of intrigue and paranormal discovery, leading you along as good and evil wait for the balance of life to shift. While leaving you suspended, your new perspective of the world Alexis uncovers will have grabbing for the next book. Alexis Zen, a brilliant physicist with a hidden past, wants only to understand human history and find a way to recreate the ancient technology that puzzles modern man, but her job of developing a top-secret device for the U.S. Military puts her projects on hold. However, when a loved one is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Alexis is plunged into an enigmatic world where dimensions open and supernatural beings emerge from the shadows. Unknown to Alexis, she holds the key that will unlock gates to the mysteries of the universe. As she gets closer to the truth, one person in her life will be more involved and cause the fate of the world- and her own sanity-to hang in the balance. Purchase Crystal Gate on


Picking up where Crystal Gate left off, Four Rivers finds Alexis Zen caught between worlds, facing the ultimate decision-to accept her destiny or follow her heart. With the balance of good and evil titling, the architects of the universe return, forcing an ancient protector of Eden to open the gates, making the realm of Light vulnerable. As evil grows and searches for a way to bring back Alexis, the followers of Darkness begin to question their Master. While an old enemy comes out of the shadows, forcing Ben to reveal his true intentions to everyone, including the one he loves. Will this take Alexis off course or will she trust where her heart has led her? She must decide and evil must be stopped, leaving one problem: how do you bind the Devil? Purchase Four Rivers on


The unresolved debate formed through centuries of lost information paired with opposing layers of scientific theories has left many of us confused about how we were created. What if the answers are found by connecting both God and Science?

Following ancient bread crumbs left by past civilizations, accompanied with overlapping mysteries of the world and the modern technologies of science discovered by man, Karisa Delay attempts to unlock the pathway back to the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, and the Tower of Babel to prove the history of Genesis through the pages of her book, A Journey to Eden.

Science can show us past the pages of scriptures to see the universe our God lays claim to creating, but it can’t fill the gaps of understanding creation. This journey back to Eden will pave the way to let us become more aware of God and Science, to grant our minds the insight to see the evidence right in front of us. Purchase A Journey to Eden on